Sunday, 8 November 2015


MISCELLANEOUS old motorcycle modification variants triggered by the fans for making the bikes more attractive to appear unique and antique . They are willing to venture capital to reach thousands of ringgit to accessories and engine modifications to inspire portrayed come true.

But for two friends from Alor Setar, Kedah, they do surprises by implementing recycling used goods and for modification of old machinery, motorcycles Honda C70 metered round. They discovered a pot lid component applies, the office door and a flashlight wasted shabby, between the main accessories.

The result is quite interesting when the lid is used as lubrication to date for the left and right side of the motorcycle, while the door handles office and small-sized flashlight long as the stirrup modified front and rear

Not only that, in the motorcycle accessories added value by applying at the time of an old watch, thermometer taken from an old and some accessories such as compasses
and safety of traffic lights by using bicycle accessories purchased from supermarkets RM2.

In addition to the clock, compass and thermometer, the motorcycle due to variations in the use of gadgets such as GPS (global position screening) and USB port.

This is to make it a more antique motorcycles innovation compared to the previous with the latest hardware improvement according to the trend of the times.

This is a production that should be proud of antique motorcycle enthusiasts because it can minimize the cost of the entire renovation of the bike, which has not yet reached a thousand Malaysian ringgit (RM1,000), including the cost of old motorcycles they bought at the price of RM270 only.

This is the first time for both of these companions, Nazri Hassan and Shahril Mohd were involved in the modification of an old motorcycle to become a motorcycle antic ,also known as street cup.
Motorcycle repair work such as this is not the field for Nazri, their fundamental duty as a cameraman and also a dealer cake, Shahril. 

But as they explore their interests in depth, passion and had to do the work by itself without modification motor workshop and woodworking equipment perfect.

Everything is done in front yard of Shahril's house in Lorong Titi Siam, Alor Setar with minimal equipment deprived.

Shahril who have basic knowledge in the field of engine and more focused doing carpentry work makenikal in motorcycle modification, while Nazri do composite work, in addition to bequeath his acts and sparked a framework of ideas and variations on the use of appropriate accessories.

Nazri said they did not set any target for a motorcycle modifier is not used for more than two years ago to make it as perfect an antique motorcycle.

"Everything depends on the budget and the suitability of our time there because everybody was busy with work, therefore we have to take nearly three months to prepare," said Nazri.

They both had to share information through the network web site to see examples of modifications to the motorcycle model and found similar costs high enough so that there is a hit more than RM10,000 to repair the engine and styling accessories.

Nazri said they had to take the approach of adopting and recycling of used goods while using the bicycle and car accessories priced at RM2 shops.

"Even motorcycle seat cushion we had to cut in half and wrap again with rubber cushions that serve as a two-seater that is separate from ready to buy a new and at a price of almost RM200 each," he said.

Meanwhile, Shahril said, the most difficult job in the process modifications done is cut and wrap the seat cushion cushion motorcycle into two due to lack of equipment and had to use a chainsaw manual beside the painting which had to be done over and over again.

He said repair work was also challenged motorcycle engine because it had entered the water as a result of lying in the sun and rain for two years in addition to re-install the electrical wiring system are affected.

Now they are revenue 20 years old motorcycle it is quite worth it if both managed to display an antique motorcycle unique and interesting, so far RM750 cost includes the price of old motorcycles.

Now Honda C70 motorcycle modification work was progressing well and so far almost 75 per cent complete.

For more information contact Nazri in line 011-31845963 or Shahril 017-4342214. --

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